Northwest Growth Centre Project Update

Posted 21 February 2014

UEA Trenchless continues a busy start to 2014 with a key role in a $100m Capital Works project at Northwest Sydney.

Responsible for the Horizontal Directional Drilling and tunnelling component of the design and construct contract, UEA Trenchless has so far completed the following crossings:

  • D100c – HDD 560mm OD HDPE @ Ch. 1000 (250m HDD)
  • D300 – HDD 560mm OD HDPE @ Ch. 1717 (392m HDD)
  • AT3020 – HDD 560mm OD HDPE @ Ch. 2118 (60m HDD)
  • AT3020 – HDD 560mm OD HDPE @ Ch. 2760 (60m HDD) – Shale
  • GBM – Bore & Install & Grout OD813 SCL @ Ch. 1391 (36m)
  • GBM – Bore & Install & Grout OD813 SCL @ Ch. 1450 (20m)
  • GBM – Bore & Install & Grout 600NB Steel Pipe for DN 375 GRP @ Ch. 671 (36m)
  • GBM – Bore & Install 525 GRP@ WL19 (126m)

A stand-out result to date has been in the completion in a single day of a pilot bore using the Ackerman Guided Boring System.

The shot concerned required a 120 metre installation of 700mm steel casing with a 525mm GRP carrier pipe inserted inside. The tolerance on the bore was +/-25mm and its steel casing was installed using a conventional thrust boring machine. Being displaceable clay, the ground area was suitable for the GBM use.

Further works in the project are being completed using the same technique, which offers the UEA Trenchless client a cheaper alternative to conventional micro-tunnelling on shots less than 120 metres in length in soft ground conditions.

Further details about the technology applied by UEA Trenchless, including HDD, pipe bursting and thrust boring can be found at our technical centre.

For information about the Northwest Growth Centre and similar projects completed or underway by UEA, contact us on 02 9851 3000 or email us for a prompt reply from one of our consultants.