New Directional Boring Equipment in Queensland

Posted 1 April 2011

UEA Trenchless commenced operations in Queensland in April 2010 intent on providing a professional Trenchless package for clients in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, northern NSW and country Queensland regions. UEA has employed David Warner to head up the operations. David has over 17 years experience in the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry and is keen to develop UEA in the Queensland market.

As part of our commitment to the Queensland Market UEA Trenchless has recently purchased new directional boring equipment that we believe will provide our clients with cost effective options for utility installation:

  • Vermeer D100 x 120 (45 tonne) HDD rig with rock capability. Distances of 800 metres easily achieved with diameters up to 630mm installed.
  • Ditch Witch AT3020 HDD rig. All round machine perfect for street runs where ground conditions require either clay, shale or rock capability but set up room and depth requirements mean that larger directional boring options are not possible. Capable of achieving diameters of 63mm – 400mm up to 150 metres in length.
  • DFE 400 GPM Cleaning System. Used in conjunction with the Vermeer D100 x 120 this piece of equipment enables us to recycle most ground conditions – a key component of Horizontal Directional Drilling – and in doing so reduce drill mud tipping costs to the client.

These new rigs are backed up by the following equipment:

  • Vermeer D300 x 500 (136 tonne) HDD rig. Capable of achieving lengths of up to 1600 metres in varying ground conditions
  • A fleet of Vermeer D36 x 50 HDD rigs suitable for all urban installations.
  • Thrust Boring equipment capable of installing up to 1050mm steel casing.

Since commencing operations in Queensland, UEA has already completed a number of difficult projects for clients across the utilities sector:

  • Gowen Road, Calamvale – 760 metres of 500mm PE, on grade, in varying and difficult ground conditions using Horizontal Directional Drilling methodology.
  • Logan Motorway – 190 metres of 500mm PE Envelope pipe in sandstone using Horizontal Directional Drilling methodology.
  • Gateway Project – Numerous road crossings for power and communications in varying ground conditions using the Ditch Witch AT3020 HDD rig.

All of these projects are backed up by our qualified team of Project Managers and our fully accredited HSEQ systems.