Horizontal Directional Drilling successfully installs 1403 metres of 500mm PE

Posted 1 May 2011

horizontal-directional-drilling-successfully1UEA has completed the installation of 1403 metres of 500mm PE using Horizontal Directional Drilling. The project, located at Brightmore Park on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, was completed for the Sydney Water Wet Weather Alliance. As Horizontal Directional Drilling projects go this bore was particularly complex with tolerances of +/- 0.25% achieved on bore grades of 1.5 %. The complete length of the bore was installed in Sydney sandstone. The pipe was installed, with depths of 80 metres at some locations, under numerous residences, roads and retail outlets with little impact to the community.

horizontal-directional-drilling-successfully2UEA utilised the Vermeer D300 x 500 for the project – with a slight modification. The rail was removed and installed into a 3 metre shaft specifically constructed for the project – something unique for this type of directional drilling project. This proved to be very beneficial for the duration of the works in particular when managing the ground water encountered. The works were completed on time and safely – no LTI’s or MTI’s occurred for the duration of the project.