UEA Trenchless Awarded HDD Underbores on the Rouse Hill Stage 3 Secondary Gas Main Extension Project

Posted 22 March 2017

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UEA Trenchless has recently been awarded a number of HDD installations as part of the Rouse Hill Stage 3 secondary gas main extension project. The project, Rouse Hill Stage 3, involves the construction of approximately 7.2 kilometres of 200 mm diameter secondary steel main and the installation of two gas regulators (Cocon 26 SRS) – one at the corner of Guntawong Road and Windsor Road and the other at the corner of Hamilton Street and Campbell Street. The 200mm (219mm OD) FBE Coated Steel Gas Main will be installed directly into the 350mm borehole, encased in bedrock at greater than 8.5 metres below the pavement with the void space filled with bentonite slurry as grout.

This project requires three separate underbores at:

  • Old Hawkesbury Road at Brennan Dam Road – 540 metres
  • Old Hawkesbury Road at No. 338 – 298 metres
  • Chapman Road/Bandon Road at Windsor Road – 600 metres

Based on geotechnical investigation at the site and geotechnical models, it is anticipated that the HDD crossing of Windsor Road will encounter bedrock of variable strength.

Taking into consideration the design constraints due to pipe material, working under live road networks and the length of bores required, UEA has chosen to utilise the Vermeer D6090 and D100 HDD rigs. These drill rigs have the ability to undertake the longer HDD installations whilst providing the flexibility and manoeuvrability required when working in close proximity to major roadways.

For more details on this project or on UEA’s horizontal directional drilling projects, contact the Trenchless team at trenchless@uea.com.au or call us on 02 9672 4456.

Chapman Rd/Bandon Rd HDD stringing of pipe
Chapman Rd/Bandon Rd HDD – Stringing of Pipe