Gosford Pipe Bursting Package Awarded

Posted 15 May 2016

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UEA Trenchless has been awarded, and recently commenced work on, a Design and Construct Pipe Bursting package for a local council in the Central Coast region of New South Wales. The Central Coast of NSW is approximately 1.5 hours north of Sydney and the scope of work is spread over five sites throughout the region.

Mobilisation has commenced with temporary water supply connected
Mobilisation has commenced with temporary water supply connected

The design process involved a number of meetings with the Council’s operational staff, which was beneficial to the process as UEA could design and therefore construct a system with the client’s genuine input. UEA’s previous experience in designing pipe bursting works in this way ensured there was a smooth and swift approval process.

Before each pipe bursting operation can commence, there is a requirement to have the existing water main shut down by the Council for approximately five hours. During this five hour window UEA also has to install all connection details, which involves installing hydrants and isolation points on either end of the project. A temporary main is then installed to maintain a water supply to all residents impacted by the main being taken out of service. Once the temporary main is live, the existing main between the isolation points can then be shut down and the process of replacing the old main can commence.

Pipe bursting is a process in which solid rods are inserted through the existing pipe, then connected to an expanding head and new PE pipe above ground at the end of the section. The pipe bursting rig then pulls the rods back out of the pipe and at the same time, the expander head ‘bursts’ the existing pipe and installs the new pipe in its place. On this project, UEA will be using a Grundoburst 800G which has a pullback force of 769kN.

Upon completion of the bursting process each house service can be connected to the new main. Tees, additional hydrants and link ups are also completed. The new main will then be tested, cleaned, flushed and commissioned.

The overall scope of these works is to install:

  • 462m of 180mm and 684m of 125mm PN16 water main using pipe bursting technology
  • 13 new connection points
  • 84 new house services

Work is planned to be finished by mid-July 2016.

Crew restoring site after pipe bursting has been completed
Crew restoring site after pipe bursting has been completed