Fresh Start Bakery Dedicated 11kV Feeder Installation

Posted 14 December 2012

UEA Electrical was engaged by Electrical Board Makers (EBM) in order to increase supply capacity for their client Fresh Start Bakeries at Homepride Ave, Warwick Farm. Fresh Start is one of the countries leading suppliers of hamburger buns to McDonalds stores around Australia.

Due to the installation of additional baking equipment, the customers existing supply capacity was deemed inadequate due to the limitations of their existing electrical infrastructure. In order to increase their capacity, it was determined that a substation upgrade and dedicated feeder from the nearby Homepride Zone Substation was required.

Construction of the dedicated 11kV feeder involved 400 metres of High Voltage trenching within the customer’s private roadway, which was professionally restored at the completion of works with hot mix asphalt. The underground cabling installed in this electrical construction project was ACES 240sqmm Copper XLPE HDPE. As the conduits were installed continuously from end to end, the High Voltage cable hauling was completed in one haul, without incident.

In addition to the dedicated feeder, one of the Fresh Start Bakery pad mount kiosk substations needed to be uprated from a 500kVA to a 1500kVA, in order to allow provision for their extra load at Low Voltage. This involved the removal of the existing packaged pad mount and the installation of a new package of high voltage and low voltage switchgear and 1500kVA transformer.

Whilst this project presented many challenges for the electrical construction team, the new 11kV feeder and distribution substation were commissioned successfully on time and under budget.