Electrical Design and Construction for Fujitsu

Posted 17 June 2011

UEA Electrical has recently completed Stage 1 of the $3 million Fujitsu Data Centre, a technically challenging project which required the complete electrical design and construction. The project took approximately 13 months and included underground construction, cable hauling, cable jointing as well as the supply and installation of electrical switchgear- all for one of the largest data centres in the country. The scope of works included the design of a master plan to allow for an ultimate site power consumption of 60MVA. To achieve this UEA designed the substation to eventually operate at 33kV. However, to meet the first stage maximum demand, the substation was energised at 11kV.

As part of the first stage of the works, UEA was required to design and construct two new 11kV underground feeders from an Endeavour Energy (formerly Integral Energy) Zone Substation. The data centre substation was engineered using 33kV switchgear to minimise disruptions to the site as the future power demand increases – ensuring the sustainability of the design. Initial design aspects also included high voltage metering and protection with integration to the Building Management System. The initial stage of the project comprises of four 11kV / 433V x 2.5MVA transformers. UEA was also responsible for the civils work, comprising of civils construction, cable hauling and cable jointing. This project in particular sets UEA Electrical apart from its competitors and builds on its capacity in the High Voltage Customer market.

The electrical design and construction for Stage 1 of the Fujitsu Data Centre was an overall success, and was completed by UEA Electrical on budget and ahead of schedule. Future stages will require the installation of two 33kV Feeders from the Endeavour Energy network with tri-generation to supplement the supply. It is anticipated that thirty-three of the 2.5MVA transformers will be required to meet the final site maximum demand.