Australasian Cable and Engineering Services (ACES) launch new website

Posted 31 August 2012

Australasian Cabling

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ACES is very pleased to launch its new website which has been designed to make finding and ordering approved electrical cabling easy.

ACES Cable is a leading electrical cable supplier dedicated to quality, ensuring all products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with Australian and IEC standards. Therefore, our clients can feel confident that products supplied by ACES are suitable for use on local networks.

The ACES website includes a wide range of underground cables and overhead conductors which can be delivered across Australia, including:

Overhead Conductor

  • AAC
  • AAAC
  • ABC

Underground Cables

  • Low Voltage Cable
  • Medium Voltage Cable
  • High Voltage Cable


Can’t find the cable you’re looking for?

ACES Engineering can design underground cables and overhead conductors to meet your specific requirements. ACES can also provide calculations on a variety of scenarios to ensure the cable rating is suitable for the chosen method of installation. ACES can also provide engineering support and design services for installation methods and construction design.The ACES website includes a quick and simple form so you can request a quote at the press of a button and confirm delivery timeframes. Alternatively you can send an email or call 02 9851 3098.