Alcoa Myara Operations Access Road

Posted 22 February 2013


UEA Civil & Mining recently completed first stage works on the Myara Operations Access Road for Alcoa using the Vermeer T1255 terrain leveller. The road, which is approximately 900metres long, will facilitate the relocation of operations to the next mine region extending the current bauxite transport system, utilities and services.

With parts of the access road being located within the boundaries of a metropolitan drinking water catchment and within 2 kilometres of the nearest residential area drill and blast was not a viable option. Terrain levelling technology on the other hand was ideally suited to the task as it offers minimal ground disturbance and reduced noise levels.

UEA used a Vermeer T1255 terrain leveller to cut the access road to sub base level which was up to 400mm deep in some sections. The resulting milled material was side cast using a D10 dozer leaving a clear and even access road following the first cut.

The evenly sized milled material was stock piled ready for use as sub base fill within the same area of operations, eliminating the need to cart material in or out.

This is the second project UEA Civil & Mining has completed for Alcoa using terrain levelling technology which has proved to be an extremely efficient method of road construction for mining operations.

Alcoa’s Western Australian Mining operations are located in the South West Darling Range where bauxite is mined and transported to refineries.

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Image caption: The terrain leveling attachment is a rotating ground engagement tool that uses an array of picks to break the rock into a 150mm down aggregate.