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UEA Electrical Brochure

14 January 2014

UEA Electrical has released its latest brochure outlining their capability and a sample of project profiles for client consideration


The Mardi-Mangrove Link Pipeline Commemorative Booklet

9 July 2012

Originally posted on This commemorative booklet provides an historic record of construction of the Mardi-Mangrove Link Pipeline. UEA was contracted by John Holland to complete the installation of 1200mm SDR11 PN16 HDPE water main using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).


Turtle Coup – Trenchless World

25 June 2012

Abrasive rock formations, plus the constraints of an impending turtle breeding season made the HDD installation of an undersea outfall a tricky operation.


HDD record set on Mardi-Mangrove Link Project

14 October 2011

UEA recently completed the first installation of a 1,200mm diameter SDR11 PN16 HDPE water main in Australia using a horizontal directional drill.


The rock eater just got bigger – Contractor Magazine

11 October 2011

The first production Vermeer T1655 Terrain Leveler in the world recently commenced work in Western Australia. In terms of size this was not a step up from the previous model – it was a giant leap.