Wilson Drive 11kV Line Augmentation

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Due to aging assets and increased demand requirements, UEA Electrical was contracted to carry out a major upgrade to the electricity distribution network in the Southern Highlands 110km south-west of Sydney.

The upgrade project covered a geographical route of over 13 kilometres in length and presented a number of obstacles including linework over railway crossings; and through commercial, industrial and residential areas supplying electricity to over 1200 customers.

In order to upgrade and augment the existing overhead assets the complete scope of works included the installation of:

  • 24,615 metres of 7/4.50 AAC conductor
  • 13,930 metres of 6/4.75 + 7/1.60 ACSR conductor
  • 1535 metres of HV Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC)
  • 65 poles (timber and concrete)
  • 3 x Air Break Switches
  • 3 x Load Break Switches (Type 1 and Type 3 Auto)
  • 2 sets HV Underslung Links

Due to the radial nature of the overhead feeders in the Southern Highlands area, the works were required to be co-ordinated across more than thirty network isolations, over an eighteen week period from commencement to completion.

Due to the complicated nature of these works, intense stakeholder management was required in order to coordinate the staging of outages to ensure that local customer’s needs were met. In spite of the challenges this project presented, UEA was able to deliver the project with a 40% reduction in original planned delivery program. This is an attribute to UEA’s vast working knowledge of distribution networks and operating process. A great achievement with zero LTI’s and uncompromised quality.

For more information about this project or UEA Electrical, please send enquiries to Mark Bampton.