Power Upgrade at Long Street, Smithfield

Project scope

UEA Electrical was engaged initially for the Level 3 design and our ability to provide the client an expeditious certification saw us subsequently also awarded the Level 1 construction for this project. In total, the project’s final scope involved:

  • Investigation of new load requirements and the existing HV network capacity and infrastructure availability
  • Design of the most cost-effective construction solution to meet the client’s new load demands, including the production of a certified Level 3 design, Environmental Assessment and Construction Risk Assessment
  • Replacing the two existing kiosk substations with 1500kVA units
  • Cutting into the existing lead sheath feeder cables and transition jointing new sections of XLPE cables, to facilitate termination onto the two new substations
  • Installation of one 14m 12kN pole and one 14m 12kN pole and cutting existing HV overhead over onto newly installed poles
  • Stringing and terminating into the existing network via the two new poles, three new bays of 95mm2 4C LV ABC
  • Termination of customers newly installed service mains onto LV switchgear in the new kiosk substations
  • Commissioning of the two new substations and coordination for supply changeover from the old supply, to the new supply

In addition to the above detailed scope items, UEA Electrical provided coordination with the local supply authority, Endeavour Energy, to facilitate inspection and approval of the new works as well as organising the HV and LV outages to ensure a smooth transition for our client to their new supply.


The Level 3 Design was completed and certified within the required timeframe and the associated construction was all completed within one outage, which minimised interruption to the client’s existing operation and saw a successful outcome for all parties.

For more information about this project, please contact UEA Electrical.