Maitland to Whittingham Third Track – Asset Relocation

In November 2011, UEA Electrical commenced work on a number of overhead asset relocation projects for the Hunter 8 Alliance. The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) formed the Hunter 8 Alliance with John Holland Group and GHD to undertake the construction of a new track between Maitland and Whittingham. The proposed route for the new track had a number of assets belonging to a NSW power authority which encroached on the rail corridor and required relocating in order to facilitate the construction and operation of the new track.

UEA Electrical was successful in being awarded a contract for the relocation works at a number of sites which included three different locations at Belford and one at Lochinvar. The works incorporated a number of High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) outages associated with the overhead asset relocations which had to be programmed to coincide with outages already scheduled on the existing track, to minimise impact on the operation of the existing corridor. This required careful project management and control of the overhead works to ensure the milestones were delivered as required.

The package of works for each outage included:

Outage 1 – Hermitage Road, Belford

  • Install three new timber poles
  • Remove three existing timber poles
  • Replace existing LV O/H mains with 160m of 2×95 AL ABC overhead mains

Outage 2 – Belford Road, Belford

  • Install a new timber pole and remove existing timber pole
  • Replace existing 11kV O/H mains with 340m of Raisin overhead mains

Outage 3 – Station Lane, Lochinvar

  • Replace one timber pole and install one new timber pole
  • Install 79m of new 19/3.75 AAC mains
  • Retie existing 11kV mains
  • Remove two timber poles
  • Install 79m of new LV 4 x 95 ABC overhead mains
  • Remove existing redundant LV mains

Outage 4 – Station Lane, Lochinvar

  • Replace one timber pole and install three new timber poles
  • Install one new 40A drop out fuse
  • Install 3 x 230m of new 11kV 19/3.75 AAC overhead mains
  • Install new 11kV / 433V 200kVA pole substation
  • Remove three timber poles
  • Remove redundant pole substation
  • Remove redundant one drop out fuse
  • Remove 3 x 230m of bare 11kV overhead mains

Outage 5 – Station Lane, Lochinvar

  • Install two new timber poles and one new concrete pole
  • Install one new air break switch
  • Install 392m of 11kV 3 x 7/4.50 AAC conductor
  • Bond new 11kV mains to existing 11kV mains
  • Install temporary span 21m of 11kV 3 x 7/4.50 AAC conductor and bond to existing 11kV mains
  • Remove 389m of 11kV 3 x 7/4.50 AAC conductor
  • Remove two timber poles
  • Install new 40A drop out fuse

Outage 6 – Station Lane, Lochinvar

  • Install two new timber poles
  • Install 285m of 11kV 3 x 19/3.75 AAC conductor
  • Remove 285m of existing 11kV conductor
  • Remove one timber pole
  • Bond new 11kV mains to existing 11kV mains

OH&S and environmental controls were also developed and implemented to achieve the acceptance standard required by the ARTC to work within the rail corridor. This was complicated by the geographical location of the sites and the lack of access tracks to the sites. UEA Electrical achieved these objectives through thorough preparation and diligence at all levels of the business.

The successful completion of this overhead asset relocation project illustrates UEA’s ability to deliver challenging projects while maintaining a high level of safety typical to these types of projects.

For more information about this project or UEA Electrical, please send enquiries to Mark Bampton.