High Voltage Power Installation at Data Centre, Western Sydney

Project scope

Many ancillary tasks were required to facilitate the new transformer and supply, including:

  • Locating and proving existing conduits within the site
  • Supply and installation of 500m of 95mm2 33kV SC XLPE cable (for future
  • Removal of existing louvres and room preparation for the TX installation
  • Transportation and cranage of the new transformer into the existing room
  • Installation of transformer earthing and cable support structures
  • Terminating the 33kV cables on to both the new transformer and HV switchgear
  • HV switching of the existing network and issuance of permits for works
  • High Voltage testing of the new cables and transformer
  • Protection setting calculations and uploading into the CB
  • Commissioning the new transformer and cabling


While the project involved a significant amount of coordination with the client, UEA Electrical was able to anticipate all potential issues involved and the commissioning of the new transformer went as planned, producing another successful outcome for our client.

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