Fujitsu Australia Chamber Substation

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Fujitsu Australia engaged UEA Electrical to design and construct a new Ausgrid Three 1500kVA Transformer, Chamber Substation for its data centre located in the middle of Sydney Olympic Park.

Electrical Design

Fujitsu-LogoUEA commenced the electrical design phase in April 2011 with a broad concept plan which included the general layout of the chamber substation. The substation room design was refined in consultation with the architect and structural engineer for the project. The external 11kV network design was also reviewed and refined to deliver the most cost effective model that could be constructed with minimal impact to the general public who visit Sydney Olympic Park on a daily basis.

The external design required a new trench to be installed across Olympic Boulevard. The trench route linked with the existing Ausgrid 11kV network with a jointing bay for HV connection near the Olympic Stadium. It then extended in a south easterly direction along Olympic Boulevard and crossed the roadway at the entrance of the Olympic Aquatic Centre and continued along the northern boundary of Figtree Drive. The trench route terminated at the Fujitsu site at the proposed chamber substation location.

UEA consulted with Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA), the surrounding businesses, service providers and Ausgrid to achieve acceptance of the design. During the process UEA also developed Environment Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, Occupation Health and Safety Management Plans and Inspection and Test Plans to ensure the project would be delivered to the highest standard.

The design was finalised and certified in December 2011 and the construction of the building commenced in the January 2012. UEA worked with Taylor Constructions during the building phase to ensure the structure was built to Ausgrid specifications. All of the required in-ground assets such as incoming conduits, internal conduits and earthing which would service the future substation were installed to allow construction to continue seamlessly. The chamber substation building structure was completed in May 2012 in preparation for the commencement of the electrical construction phase.

UEA Electrical has a vast amount of experience in the engineering and construction of Ausgrid networks and substations which was invaluable during the design phase. Careful planning and attention to detail during development enabled the construction phase to be executed without any delays.

Electrical Construction

On 13 August 2012, UEA Electrical construction crews commenced civil works and the electrical installation of the substation. The civil works consisted of 370m of trenching, jointing bays and open points, and restoration work along Figtree Drive and Olympic Boulevard. The main jointing bay for the connection to the existing Ausgrid 11kV network was located approximately 250m from the Olympic Stadium which is often subjected to high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

UEA also installed and undertook all associated jointing for:

  • 1100m of 11kV 500sqmm Aluminium XLPE cable
  • 200m of 11kV 300sqmm Copper Triplex EPR cable
  • 100m of Low Voltage XLPE cable

UEA completed all the civil construction, cable installation and restoration works in less than four weeks. The remaining substation construction works were completed within eight weeks with the first of two commissioning outages being undertaken on 14 October 2012.

The works were planned and managed around the Sydney Olympic Park event schedule which included the NRL Finals Series with minimal disruption to visiting patrons. Being a sensitive site which often attracts a high degree of attention from the government and general public the project required a large degree of planning and consultation with surrounding businesses and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

The electrical construction works proceeded as planned and UEA was able to manage the works to remove the high degree of construction risk from the project. The final outage to complete the substation commissioning with some internal adjustments was completed on 20 November 2012 which delivered full supply to the Fujitsu data centre. UEA delivered on its commitments to the project in a timely and efficient manner which has shown UEA’s ability to manage difficult projects.

For more information about this project or UEA Electrical, please send enquiries to Mark Bampton.