Breville Distribution Centre

UEA Electrical continued to perform in its role as a key member of the delivery team for one of our most valuable clients.

This project involved both the Level 3 Design and Level 1 Construction of high voltage network infrastructure to supply a new development for Breville at the Keylink Industrial Estate in the South Western Sydney suburb of Minto.

Project scope

This project had a tight completion program and to ensure supply was available for the client in time for the commissioning of the developments building services, UEA Electrical was required to perform at a schedule without room for variation.

The project’s general scope involved the design and construction of a new kiosk substation, however significant external works were also required to make supply available to the site, including:

  • Supply and installation of a 500kVA Kiosk substation
  • Excavation and proving of existing conduits for approximately 500m
  • Supply and installation of 500m of 240mm2 4C LV XLPE cable
  • Supply and installation of 100m of 240mm2 3C 11kV XLPE cable
  • High Voltage cable terminations and straight through joints (STJ)
  • Low Voltage cable terminations and underground to overhead termination (UGOH)
  • Supply and installation of the Substation earthing grid and connection to existing network
  • Supply, coordinate and connect 1000kVA generator for customers affected by outage during commissioning of new substation


UEA Electrical successfully delivered the Level 3 Design ahead of schedule by gaining certification from Endeavour Energy in under three months, which was an excellent result for both UEA Electrical and the client.

By achieving swift design certification, we were also able to expedite the substation and associated works to provide the site’s occupant, Breville, with their new supply well ahead of schedule.

For more information about this project, please contact UEA Electrical.