NOTICE: UEA Electrical has recently changed its name to Ultegra. For more information on our Electrical Utility and Infrastructure services, please visit ultegra.com.au.

UEA Electrical provides a highly skilled team with unrivalled experience in the construction of electricity distribution assets from 415V up to 22kV. Our industry experienced project management team works closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions across a range of asset construction projects:

  • Connections of load for the supply of new buildings and developments
  • Installation of overhead and underground assets in commercial and industrial subdivisions
  • Augmentation of existing poles and wires for capacity increases
  • Uprating of existing substations (e.g. transformer and switchgear replacements)
  • Construction of kiosk and padmount substations
  • XLPE and paper lead cable jointing and terminating

UEA provides professional, cost effective solutions complimented by safety, quality and environmental accreditations. We take pride in our capability to deliver distribution assets that are built to meet if not exceed the relevant network authority and/or Australian standards and are fully tested by our highly qualified staff prior to commissioning.

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