Asset Relocation

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UEA Electrical works closely with its clients on the successful completion of road widening and other major construction projects where electrical assets are required to be relocated.

UEA excels in these types of projects as we are able to provide both design and construction services coupled with exceptional project management to facilitate the efficient relocation of existing electrical assets. We pride ourselves on working side by side with our clients to ensure that their construction programs are met and key milestones delivered.  This is only possible when you have a team of extremely experienced people helping you to deliver your project.

Road Widening Projects

The most critical concern whilst relocating electrical assets for a road widening is how the widening program interacts with the electrical design.  Quite often temporary works are required before the final iteration of the design can be implemented due to the transient nature of a typical road widening schedule. Careful planning and exceptional project management is required to juggle the necessary program of works and it is in this area that UEA excels setting it apart from the competition.

UEA Electrical enjoys working alongside its clients in the early stages of a project to investigate the various options for delivery to ensure that the final program of works is achievable and as efficient as possible. Thorough investigation and careful planning from the outset through to completion of each project helps us to deliver on time, every time.

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