Terrain Leveling

Terrain leveling technology was developed by Vermeer manufacturing in the USA as a tool for attachment to their trenching machines.

Road and Rail Duplication

As our road and rail networks struggle to cope with increasing traffic flows, terrain leveling is able to assist in road and rail duplication without the need for blasting. The Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler is able to meet increasing demand for rock excavation in environmentally sensitive and populated areas, by eliminating the need for rock hammers, rock saws and primary crushing. Material can be loaded directly onto highway trucks and used as road base or other applications.

Deep Car Park Excavation

Terrain leveling machinery is suitable for the construction of large box cuts with square corners and vertical walls required within the large foundation holes or car parks for skyscrapers. Terrain leveling machinery is able to excavate the rock faster, quieter and with less vibration than traditional methods of ripping, hammering and rock sawing making it ideal for built up and highly populated areas.

Site Preparation

With its ability to tilt the cutting drum up to 5 degrees, the Vermeer T1255 can level areas for site preparation in a few passes and the broken rock is immediately available to doze off and compact in the fill areas.

In a world first UEA Civil and Mining have utilised terrain leveling technology forĀ drive development in underground mines. This innovative and ground breaking method for underground mine rock removal has proven to save enormous amounts of money, time and resources compared to the traditional methods of drill, blast, scratch back and blow off which was also dangerous causing many injuries due to the manual handling of the rock.