Civil & Mining

UEA have built a reputation for solving tough and technically complex challenges, often through new, alternative and more efficient technology solutions. In 2008 UEA Civil and Mining was established to offer a service to surface and underground mining companies, road and rail builders, land developers or for any projects that require large volume rock removal for site preparation or production. UEA do this by specialising in terrain levelling and surface mining. The technology in most cases eliminates the need for drill and blast and the need for primary crusher units which minimises noise, vibration and makes some plant redundant.

While this technology is relatively new to Australia, UEA Civil and Mining are already leaders in this innovative method of mining and construction. Our goal is to reliably deliver a total surface mining and terrain levelling solution comprising of the best possible machines to perform the works, exceptional maintenance support and service which through continual innovation and research and development exceed our clients expectations.

UEA Civil and Mining offers services to both civil construction and mining companies:

Surface Mining

  • Surface mining of all rock types up to 200 MPa
  • Surface mining to plan using GPS control
  • Project management of surface mining operations
  • Mine planning for surface mining application
  • On-site maintenance of surface mining equipment

Terrain Leveling

  • Road/Rail construction
  • Road/Rail duplication
  • Site preparation
  • Deep car park excavation