Macquarie University – Precinct ‘E’ Civil Works

Project Overview

UEA was contracted by Macquarie University to provide a turnkey package for the installation of various underground utility services on campus grounds with a narrow shutdown window.

Scope of Works

UEA’s Civil Construction division undertook the installation of the following underground services:

  • Sewer – 80 linear metres of DN150 uPVC DWV SWJ pipe and its relevant connections
  • Trade waste sewer – 80 linear metres of DN125 HDPE pipe and its relevant connections. Incorporated with this was the installation of one of 4,000 litres HDPE dilution chamber and three of silt arrester pre-cast concrete structures.
  • Potable water – 200 linear metres of DN180 HDPE pipe and its relevant cutovers into existing mains. These cutovers were completed into a blue brute main at one connection point and steel cement lined main at the secondary connection point. All of this was completed during a strict shutdown period.
  • Gas – 300 linear metres of DN125 HDPE pipe and its relevant connections into existing live mains during a strict shutdown period
  • Stormwater – 50 linear metres of DN450 RCP up to depths of four metres deep
  • Stormwater – 260 linear metres of DN675 RCP up to depths of five metres deep
  • Stormwater – 15 of square stormwater pre-cast and pout in-situ concrete structures, varying in sizes from 0.9mx0.9m square to 1.2mx1.2m square, and ranging from depths of 3 metrea up to 5 metres deep.
  • Communication – 250 linear metres of 100mm conduit. Incorporated with this was the installation of four pre-cast concrete structures (1.0mx1.0m square) and four pre-cast concrete structures (0.5mx0.5m square), all ranging from 0.8 metres deep to 1.2 metres deep.
  • Permanent restoration of all affected areas


The design was provided by the client and then handed to UEA to construct and deliver the project onsite. Any design RFIs and design changes met during construction were captured and worked through favourably to achieve suitable end goals.

Technical Details

All utilities and their surface fittings were installed to their given specifications, required technical drawings and Australian standards.


  • Tight construction timeframe and shutdown/cutover periods
  • Busy pedestrian areas
  • Excavation in rock and clay up to 5 metres deep
  • Existing underground services
  • Sources the various styles of pipe and fittings and delivering to site
  • Maintaining construction zones within a fully functional university
  • Traffic management
  • Multiple work fronts